Monday, December 21, 2009

Print that image

I recently was asked to print up some copies of my recent collages. Which is funny, considering that when I use glue sticks and junk mail to make them - I actually end up scanning the images in, and then using the digital images to get archival quality prints made. Isn't that a little ironic?
I had to do a little research. Ok, actually I didn't at all. Turns out, Tori, was doing research on her own and was able to share it with me. I had just enough time before Christmas to get some prints made up and returned to me by PrintThatImage.
I was really impressed to receive back the work, and immediately began to think about the possibilities that might come from being able to get prints made - both of my artwork, and also the kids' artwork.
Since we all tend to favor the simple, crude materials that we have lying around, when I actually have something I want to keep, it would be neat to have it in an archival quality.... I had done some simple photo prints of the work - ordered through an online photo place - which actually arrived the same day as the nice prints. Wow. The color difference and clarity was really obvious when they were placed side by side and I see now that photo prints on photo paper aren't what I want to be representing my artwork. My favorite was the heavyweight watercolor paper, though I could see great applications for the printing on canvas and also the lighter weight papers that they offer. (They offer a trial pack where you can send your image in and get it back on all three).

So I guess I will be offering prints now - for special order. If there are any of the collages that I've shared here that you're interested in getting a copy of, let me know and we can get you a nice print that will last and be really true to the original... actually better.

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