Thursday, November 19, 2009

Collages - on the subject of AJ

tonight, while J and I worked on some legal documentation of this whole situation, I kept my itchy fingers busy by giving them scissors, a glue stick and some catalogs that recently came through the mail slot. I was able to get out at least my thoughts and heart from the "mountain" drawing posted earlier... which felt really good.
I'm still amazed that after years of being so frustrated in art school and classes with paints and other mediums that my preferred medium boils down to catalogs, scissors and glue sticks. Very portable, though - and gratefully, I seem to always be satisfied with
the outcome of my time spent. I know I can get my heart out onto that paper. Here is my heart tonight.

The only way I can describe this is my heart (worn on the outside of my skin) for AJ as I wish so desperately that I could give him the love and protection he needs. The storms of life are so near and the dream of being a family is as well, but the future remains uncertain.

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Tori Higa said...

wow - these are really beautiful. thanks for sharing such personal work.

love you and praying for you (and aj)



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