Sunday, October 4, 2009

Initial Sweatshirts

After seeing Ze Artiste's hoodie the other day, the Design Director asked for one, and since it was her birthday week, OF COURSE she got one.
At her request, instead of an "M" on the back and front, we opted for an "M" on the front and a number "5" on the back. Which I actually replicated in boy colors for a classmate of hers who also just turned 5 this week as well. Cute, eh?

Tomorrow's project? oh goodness... my lovely friend, Tifanie, has offered to come organize my insanely overstuffed and under-organized office/sewing room. I told her that I am swallowing my pride big-time by simply allowing someone to help me - that involved admitting I have a problem, right? (argh) wish me luck. I'll post finished project images... If I don't die of embarressment tomorrow first.


Christy said...

Z was so proud to show me his yesterday. He kept pointing at the Z, and then he whispered/mouthed "My mom made it!"

It was great to see you guys - I miss seeing you more!

Tori Higa said...

can i fly tiffanie out to mississippi? ;)

Mod Podge Amy said...

Oooh! I love. I think I need to make one for myself.

Anamaria said...

Oh they are so cool! :) Bummed I missed you guys yesterday! :(We were stuck in traffic for 1.5h, crazy,on a Sunday morning, huh?

Can't wait to see the studio "makeover"!!! :)



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