Monday, February 2, 2009

Messy Monday

In the interest of being fair to all - one of my favorite bloggers, Ruby, has suggested and begun a Messy Monday post.  She's posted her big messes in her home, so we all can maybe take another look at the pedestal we place each other on, and remember that we're all just people.So here's my messiness... kid insanity in the living room (please note, though I have helped them clean up this mess already... it will be back later today)

... the serving bar in the dining room is a scary catchall for us

... the dishes at the sink?  they're done now, but we don't have a dishwasher - so they'll be back soon, too....  
oh, and the drawers hardly close to begin with! (they're original to our 1922 house)

the two scariest, scariest photos are of my studio/sewing room - where ridiculous amounts of fabric fall out of the lovely cabinet my parents gave me for said purpose, and the laundry basket next to my machines is full of scra
ps that I have projects in mind for.
Every once in a while I get to a place where the studio is so messy that even I (the Queen of the "creative mess") get freaked out and can't work. 

Oh, I forgot to get a photo of my desk in there... (ah, here it is)... awesome. no excuses. it's horrible. The inspiration wall is intended to be slighty crazy, but the desk.... oy vey.
Once I asked J why he was a little upset and seemed like he was "off" - he replied, "your office! I can't think straight when I know that room is over there, just that messy!"

So here you have it. I once wrote a list on this blog as to all the things I don't do well... 
Keeping a clean house? I give up.
(actually, I don't. I try every day, every week... I'm just not successful)


Gab said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I love seeing that I'm not alone in my messiness! I used to be without a dishwasher so I can sympathize (we got a portable one and it changed my life)!

libbydibby said...

You know - it's so easy, when you are blogging - to edit out the regular, lame parts of life.
and it's also easy, when you are a reader, to think that the blogger you are reading about has it all together... I fell victim to that so often!

just take a peek at my "list" and then laugh to yourself every time that you see one of my sewing projects hanging on the studio door, knowing that nowhere in the house is clean enough for me to attempt to show off my work other than a white door.
happy Messy Monday!
(I'm attempting to clean)

libbydibby said...

sorry... meant to write that I FALL victim to that insecurity, not that it was past tense, it's not!

Rubyellen said...

haha... i started cleaning my closet today too!

thanks for making me feel not so alone and joining me in our little hidden messes! my closet makes ben feel the same way as your husband and your office.

a friend and i are planning a hang out in highland park next week, maybe you could join!



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