Friday, August 21, 2009

Still using zippie bags?

I recently did a post for Designing Moms about Wrap-n-Mats... (thanks, Cardstore, for writing it up!) ... these are one of my favorite ways to be "green" lately.... I highly recommend them. I've also made some of my own (will post later) - but I have to say the Wrap-n-mats are the best... read below...


I secretly cringe every time I reach for another plastic baggie for lunches that we make around here.
So as my daughter has needed lunch as she heads to summer camp each day this month, I decided to work on being as green as I can with lunch packaging.
We bought some of these Wrap-N-Mats and I am the biggest fan! The ones we started off with were the sandwich wrappers - in which you fold over a sandwich and use the velcro closure to keep your sammie fresh until it's time to eat. It folds out into a little placemat, too, so it's nice to know that whatever is on the table, it's NOT on your food.
Wrap-n-mat has their products made in the USA and China under fair trade operations, so you can feel good all the way around.
My 4 1/2 year old has no problem folding the Wrap-n-mat back up by herself to save the 2nd half of a sandwich and these wash easily, dry quickly, and are ready for lunch the next day.

I just ordered the new "snack pouches" and also the "grande" sized mat for family picnics.

Here are some other (and here too) cute food wrappers that we've recently learned about for keeping those zippie bags out of landfills.
(also - there were lots of other options if you search etsy for "sandwich wrappers" or "snack pouches")

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