Friday, August 21, 2009

More aprons

I needed to hang out with something that did what I told it to yesterday, (i.e. The kids were not helping) ... So I re-introduced myself to my sewing machine and some scraps that had been hanging around wanting to be loved.


KFell said...

yay, you used that green fabric I gave you forever ago - if you ever decide to wear it out (which I know you dream of), you can take my matching bag with you!

btw, all I want to do while I'm at work is sew...(and bake)... I print up things to sew and wish I was sewing rather than sitting at a computer... so I like to sew vicariously though you during the day :)

libbydibby said...

Kel- I meant to give you credit for the scrap... but forgot to! Looks cute here, eh?
The other apron matches those pants that I made, so I could get really freaky!

ps - I only get to sew during the day when the stars align... today's 2.5 hour nap on behalf of the little dragon is over - so the fun time is up... he naps about 1 time a month these days. (argh) Many days I'd rather be somewhere quiet during the day than hanging with the dragon and the design director!



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