Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ze Artiste is a superhero

Isn't this the very reason that you have a little boy?
Ours is very sick right now - sick enough with this cough and fever (that he and momma have been fighting now for 11 weeks -argh) - that we had to cancel his birthday party this past Saturday. How sad is that? He took the news well, but we've been doing our best to rest up and make this weekend fun while we try to get better to try it again next weekend.
In the meantime - he's still my little superhero - complete with Ruby's crown - and momma's cape. (and draft snake as a sceptor, ay yay yay!)
As we've told him, "never give up!"

1 comment:

Tori Higa Stationery said...

i love little boys.

i hope z gets well SOON! enough of this - poor little guy!



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