Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Draft Snake Infestation

I now have decided that when it comes to making draft snakes, the very best filling is going to be those teeny trash-bound scraps that I had no use for - so I have a sewn snake, waiting for filling - right near my serger - and as I am making other projects - (you thought that I wasn't sewing, just because I wasn't posting?) - I take a few minutes at the end of each night to fill a little more in the waiting snake....
Oh, and yes, I did find that after I spent 4 days trying to locate every stray sock in the house - when I was left with a whole basket of strays... well - they ended up in there, too. =)

So these snakes are my new answer to the smallest of all scraps - and random other things and threads that would have been thrown away otherwise. (It's been fun) What I like is that they are heavy without costing any form of value (when you're buying beans like I do for beanbags, it still does add up!) - oh, and in a 90 year old California bungalow - without insulated walls - they work, too.

Later, this week, I'm going to post more of my tea cozies that I have been cranking out - and I forgot to take photos of the 6 totes I made for my 6 table-mates at my MOPS group - or I'd have happily shown those - they were a fun project to work on while J was out of town on a shoot. (I did finally get a lead on how to post a pdf. so expect a tutorial coming!)

Did I mention that I have been potty training this week, down with a sinus infection, researching preschools, planning a formal event that happened the same night as the awards show AND missing J while he was out of town for 5 days? Phew - I need a break.
Hopefully this weekend will be fun... for Christmas, I bought J tickets to a fun play in Beverly Hills at the Greystone Manor and they are for this weekend (on my quasi-bday)... so we've got a big weekend planned.

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