Wednesday, January 30, 2008

having it all together

Someone suggested to me today that I seem to be able to do everything, but that is not fair...
as a little dose of reality...

I cannot keep a neat house
I cannot go to bed early
I cannot get a workout in - I don't want to tell you how long its been
I cannot balance a checkbook
I cannot drive stick
I cannot go a week without being asked if I am pregnant - see above about working out
I cannot research vaccinations and actually understand what I am reading
I can't get my kids to eat what I cook
I can't handle a day without coffee and prayer
I can't read an entire book anymore
I don't read enough to my kids
I can't follow a pattern when sewing
I can't bake

Want more?
(I also get embarrassed by attention)

I can't garden
I have a hard time remembering names
I don't have enough patience
If I remember to eat lunch it is usually whatever scraps are left after the kids eat
I avoid confrontation
I sometimes let Z go too long between diapers and he leaks through just because I am scattered
I am terrible at potty training
I vacuumed my carpet in my old condo less times than I will EVER
admit to even my own husband. (hardwood is much better for me)
I'm two years behind in my scrapbooking
I can't sit through a TV show
I can't keep my son from screaming fits or his new favorite game that he's named "hit the wall" (usually with his toy guitar)
I don't arrange enough playdates
I can't play an instrument
I can't go to the grocery store with my kids without losing it
I can't play ANY sports
I will never have the focus or patience to home school my kids
I can go on, but I am ignoring my kids. - one of whom is swinging a very heavy toy guitar at my head...
Do not ever believe the lie that I - or anyone else - have it all together...
it's just not true.


AllyZabba said...

you really don't give yourself enough credit. you should compile a list of all the things you do in a day, a week..etc and all the things that you can do. i am sure that list is much longer.

laura said...

i loved this :-)
it's inspirational, truly. something i so appreciate about you is that you found your way to a place of being really comfortable with just exactly who 'liberty' is - and isn't! you are tremendously gifted in immeasurable ways, and undertake everything with excellence - but it is also amazing that you can laugh at yourself and live out of a place of grace.

libbydibby said...

thanks Laura!
(and everyone who offered offline comments) - I've never gotten so much response from something I have written on a blog.
This seems to hit people where it counts... partly because it's funny (at least it was intended to be) - but also I think it touches on the fact that I like to trumpet...
no one deserves to be placed on a pedestal... we need to find joy in who we are - and who we are not... and my personal favorite motto these days,
"if you see my messy house and still love me, then I really know you love me"

I do love being myself - that's probably the best thing about this stage of life. There are things I'd like to improve on, but in all reality, I'm pretty happy with who I am.



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