Saturday, February 21, 2009

Night on the town

J was nominated for (and won!) an award and we got to be all gussied up... Woohoo.


Catherine said...

You both look great! A Spirit award?

libbydibby said...

actually it was a Visual Effects Society Award - a jury of his own peers, really - which is super cool... the award was:
Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program for "Fringe"

thanks! my new haircut was really fun to play with for dressing up and way easier than my long hair ever has been.
the other fun thing was that i wore the dress that my maid of honor wore in my wedding! She and I were the same size and I bought her bridesmaid dress since she lives in Thailand and I didn't foresee her actually wearing it again - while I might... so I've carted the dress around for 9 years in the hope I'd get to wear it someday... that was fun.
I think someone got a full length photo of us later in the evening at a party we went to - I'll see if I can't post it eventually.



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