Friday, May 1, 2015

An experimental mini quilt

I'm not really one to make small quilts. I really like things best when they are big and useful. But the truth is that I also find it hard to pack a punch into something small enough to make it worth the effort.
This little quilt is something of an experiment, something I want to try big, but had to try small first to see if it worked.
I wanted to incorporate my doodle drawings into my hand quilting and see what black thread looked like against a lighter background too. I also tried doubling the pearl cotton to see if liked that (not a ton, though I love the look)... So basically I needed to try all those things smaller... Also, I'd heard that Crayola washable market is a great way to mark a quilt, but was afraid to try on something big... It didn't fully wash out, so I'm glad it was a small project...

And then... At the end, I have this little beauty. Which I love. And don't really know what to do with except pin it to the wall in the studio to think of more ideas... I do think we we all be seeing more quilting like this in my future though!

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