Monday, October 20, 2014


Everyone knows pregnant ladies nest in different ways. Since I had no nursery to paint (Dax sleeps on our room) and no house to remodel, it made sense that I would sew. And especially towards the end of my pregnancy, the only thing that took my mind off of my discomfort was sewing...

I quilted commission quilts until I was too tired to make deadlines, I basted every top I could
Finish until I was too big to baste, then I pulled out all the bag patterns I've bought over the years to try out those (fun)... And I made pillows (I think about 14 in all) that I have as teacher gifts at the end of the school year. They were small, short term projects that required minimal effort of moving my big body around.

The pleated design became so much of a favorite that I made a bunch of them. I plan to write a pattern for how to make them.

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