Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mimi is so creative she makes me cry

Recently, my pal Amy came in town to visit with her newborn baby girl for a visit. Mimi took one look at the tiny baby and said, "mom, can I go sew? I have an idea" ("are you inspired?") "Yes, can I?" ("Of course")
20 minutes later she emerged from the studio with a t-i-n-y bag. She explained it would make a perfect sleeping bag for baby Nadia. Amy graciously explained that Nadia would probably be sleeping with her mom in the bed, but thank you so much!
Then a few weeks later, Amy sent this email to Mimi:
Hi mercy!
Nadia is growing so fast that she is already too big for the nice sleeping bag you made for her. But we are going to use it for her monkeys ;) here's a picture. Thank you!!
Amy, Johnny and Nadia 

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