Wednesday, April 17, 2013

School Auction items - 2013

I really feel like I struck gold this year with our class projects for the school auction this weekend. Last year I spent about 30 hours on those two quilts that I made with the kid's signatures on pennant flags, and they didn't sell for prices that I was happy with so I opted this year to make things that would appeal to a potentially larger crowd...

For each of my kids' classes, I took artwork from each kid that was already completed and hanging in the classroom, I scanned them in and played with them in photoshop until I had a pattern I liked and then uploaded them to where I was able to order these pillows ready made. The third project was inspired by a field trip that I took with Mimi's 3rd grade class. The entire 3rd grade has spent the past trimester learning about cameras and photography ad all their field trips were walks around LA where they got to take pictures. Adults were assigned to small groups of kids and we kept track of the kids' pictures. As you can imagine, a kid's eye view of Hollywood and downtown LA can be awesome. I made it my job to collect from the teachers one great pic from each of the 62 third graders at our school. I turned these (with a little editing) into a super cool photography book for our auction. I also got the kids to autograph their page (each kid got an entire page with a profile picture, their name and a cool photo). I'm so excited about all of these items, I want to bid on them myself!

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Aunt Spicy said...

Totally love the ideas! You could probably sell the photo book, I love my home city and would by it even though I dont know any of the kids! But O love the scanned artwork pillow! So great!



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