Monday, April 15, 2013

Neighborly quilt

I've been sick for weeks, and too wiped to sew other than a few spurts here or there... But I have had a few inspired moments and basically I've used this time to work on works in progress (WIPs) - trying to get the pile a little less daunting. This quilt was one I started last year right as we were in escrow for our new house. I wanted to say thank you to the next door neighbors who told us about it being for sale... The same neighbors who watched our kids when the sitter showed up late, the ones who took my kids for dinner last night while I was sick and Jay was at work, the ones who helped out with our housewarming party and a bunch of other random times. How do you say thank you for what else is to come? I made a quilt. (Of course)
Yolanda gave me the charm pack from Urban Cowgirl about a year ago and o had no idea what to do with it until I came up with the idea for this quilt. I made sure to use up a bunch of neutrals that I had lying around and Yolanda's and my own favorite brown herringbone fabric that we each stocked in multiple yards. I think my favorite part of the quilt is the binding... It's this fantastic brown diagonal stripe that I wish I had more of from Connecting Threads... The pic of it in close up is while it was on my lap while I was wearing a Frida Kahlo skirt (no frida fabric in this quilt!)

When I gave it to my neighbor, she was so excited... Apparently she's been waiting on a specific quilt from her mom since high school. (Well, a year late doesn't seem so bad now!)

Keep posted for more sickie WIP progress....

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