Monday, March 11, 2013

Charity Quilts

I just dropped off these two quilts at the school office for our little charter school to sell in their upcoming charity auction. The big orange and gray one was the speed pieced quilt top that the LAMQG retreat goers whipped up in a little over an hour. We made it last November and it's nice to see it finished and headed off to its new home soon. The blue and white one is just a baby quilt, made from 100% items that were donated or given to me. The colored fabrics (other than the blue and dots, and a couple mixed in scraps) are from a mini-charm pack that I was given at Quiltcon as a giveaway. I don't know what it is about precut fabrics, but I find them utterly compelling when they make it into my possession. They bother me. They sit there - as if to say, "so what if you don't like me! I'll be a waste, unless YOU do something"
And thus, the blue quilt was born. I saw something similar in concept in a catalog or magazine I was given at quiltcon. (I cannot take credit for the inspiration) and the white was an old tablecloth, passed on to me by a friend.
Charity quilts never bring in what they are worth, but it will be interesting to see what perceived value might be.
Either way, the scraps got used, the school earns money, and I got to practice my quilting skills. :)



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