Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sketching in 2013

So far this year, I've been able to fit in lots of time for art in all forms. I have quilted, I have knitted, I have taken a painting class, and spent many mornings drawing.
I haven't blogged much simply because I have so much to say that it's been hard to start. Plus it has felt weird to not address how affected I was by everything that happened at Sandy Hook elementary last month.
I may try to address that later but for now I'll fill you in on a few small things I'm doing.
So for this year I have had a lot of chances to have my morning drawing times both with and without the kids. Z I
is really the one that gets into this with me. I have found it very meditative and healing. It's often hard to come up with something to draw at 6:45 in the morning but I have decided that what I will do is just focus on the first thought that comes to mind. And sometimes I'm actually just writing down words and doodling around them. When it comes to things like spending a few minutes reading scriptures or deep thoughts it helps me to focus my mind in a way that's different than when I used to just journal furiously.
There's always a cup of tea nearby too.
Here are just a few of the sketches that I have done this year already.

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