Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sew a Square a Day & Architextures

You know I already posted about my Dad's healing quilt and how I had made it out of Robert Kaufman's AMAZING new line, ARCHITEXTURES (by Carolyn Friedlander). I seriously love this fabric. It's probably one of the most usable lines that I have ever gotten my hands on. It's clean, modern and even masculine in a way that's not cheesy or trying too hard.
My dad is undergoing radiation treatments for his cancer. He's not on Instagram (or fb) so I can show you what I'm starting for him. Shhhh. Don't tell...

This past weekend one of the first projects that I completed was the quilt top from my "sew a square a day" project with Ramona. She'd challenged me to use up some scraps that I had by sewing one simple square a day and I decided to make it really attainable by using my tiny 4.5" square ruler.
#sewasquareaday  next batch.

Sew a square a day (with Ramona)So for a few months I made sure to have at least one square per day... then I got off track (of course) and to make up, I spent a night sewing a big sheet of fabric from the scraps and then cutting it up into squares with the little ruler. I have never made a postage stamp-esque quilt, so I decided now was the time to showcase my new squares in a checkerboard with Essex Linen.

You can see some great glimpses here at some of the squares. There's a lot of Architextures mixed in with some truly old and weird fabrics - I just love the pattern that has the ledger and numbers on it.

The top is now done and I've got a new machine to enjoy quilting it with.

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Dana said...

Nice! What is your new machine?



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