Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healing quilt for Dad

It was an idea for a while, since Dad has had prostate cancer longer than I have been quilting.... But I didn't quite know what to do. It was the amazing combo of making a healing quilt for Yolanda, then some bee blocks for Alison that had words pieced into them, some awesome fabric scraps Ramona gave me from a new line called "Architextures" (which reminded me of my designer dad), and then Latifah's script quilt which had a beautiful quote written in fabric marker as the main piece... All those ideas came together to become this Healing Quilt for my dad.
My dad is undergoing radiation treatments for his cancer. He's not on Instagram (or fb) so I can show you what I'm starting for him. Shhhh. Don't tell...
Progress on the "heal" quilt. This may be the back, I'm not sure, because I have big plans for the other side too.I do wish I had the ideas all earlier to give it finished to him when he was going through radiation all summer, but now he will receive it as a celebration and a hug from me for weathering this ugly cancer storm. (Ugh, I hate cancer).

The back is a compilation of verses from the Old Testament in the Bible which speak of how God will heal us... I asked my mom some of Dad's favorites through this ordeal and she coached me.

Thank you to all my inspiring and generous friends... Now I get to give this to Dad.

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Aunt Spicy said...

What an amazing gift! Totally love it!



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