Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hosting a baby shower in the new house.

My BFF lives in Thailand. Ironically, I see her more than most of my friends who live out of state. It's a luxury to live in LA, which everyone seems to pass through at some point or another.
A few years ago I posted about Amy's wedding... I showed you all the fun pics Jay took and all the wild creative projects she put me in charge of... Forest photo booth, flowers, after party outfit.... it was a fun chance for me to be a part of a DIY wedding - mine wasn't too DIY... It was a mega- 400 person wedding, 12 years ago, before I had a lot of the skills I have now. So I got to get my kicks out with hers.
Well, now Amy is having a baby and she was passing through LA on her way home to Oregon to have her baby, so I got to throw her a shower as she passed through town. That was some big incentive to get the house presentable ASAP!
The shower was small and casual, and I had a lot of fun dragging out my hostess stuff... It had been a while since we've hosted parties... Fostering and anxiety took out a lot of our energy for hosting.
So we inaugurated the house. And had a great time doing it.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I cannot believe you pulled this off so soon after moving. You are amazing!

Tori said...

such a great day!



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