Saturday, March 10, 2012

7 year old girl

Tucking Mimi into bed. She wants to sleep on the floor tonight, so we've got 5 of my quilts beneath her and 2 on top. We discuss if it's better to be a fairy or a mermaid and then we sing a song together. Earlier today she made me a pair of earrings from my own supplies and wore her roller skates for a solid 10 hours, including skating through our house, a neighbors house a skating rink and a Barbie movie. Earlier this week i squealed with delight when she emerged from school covered in paint the way she had planned that day for art class. (She wants to look like her art teacher, who wears flowing skirts covered in paint) And I wonder, why did no one tell me that having a 7year old girl is the best thing ever?

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