Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday dress up

I was at the kids' new school the other day and asked z's teacher why she looked so fancy and dressed up to teach kindergarten that day. "oh!" she answered, "it's my friend's birthday and I asked her what she wanted and she told me she wanted me to dress up!"
What a great idea! So I've decided that's what I want. You know I love dressing up. I've shared with my Facebook pals and now you too if my friends want to do something for me for my birthday this Wednesday, they can dress up a little more than normal and then send me a pic and I will know they were thinking of me. ;)
Even just a fancier pair of socks counts.
I have some awesome friends and I'm sure a few of them will make me smile this way...
These shoe pics are funny. The high heels are my shoes that make me feel like Barbie. I wore them to that last formal event we did for J's work. The clogs are my reality and today this pic was taken when I had to glamorously drive myself to the ER after slipping on a green onion in a produce section. I fell bad and got a minor Concussion. I'm okay, but ain't that how life goes?

Anyhow. I'm up to a zillion o clock trying to finish a quilt for a deadline and have to try to go to sleep now (and wake up every hour, says the dr!) - see you Tuesday or Wednesday!

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