Saturday, January 14, 2012

Re•Joy - jan 13 - 77 degrees and snowy

After school yesterday, we got a text from a neighbor... "we have snow on our front yard! Come sledding!" I happened to have one extra pair of pants in the car for Mimi, and z just wore his shorts, but we trucked over the 5 blocks and the kids sledded to their hearts' content. Mimi's BFF Tina was with us and had never seen snow before...
I remember seeing a commercial when I was a kid of a family in LA buying snow for their front yard, but how many kids actually ever have that happen???

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Ani said...

Lol E is still waiting for enough snow to at least build a snowman. So far we got maybe about 1" :) I'm sure the kids had a blast! It looks like lots of fun :)



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