Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Re•building Joy - The Courage Quilt

I've already announced that it's done, but today I added the label and wrapped the 100% hand sewn quilt.
The label says, "to the bravest person we have ever met".
Making this quilt calmed my nerves during that crazy year. Having her (the giftee, our social worker) alongside us, gave me courage.

I'm quietly joyful that pain can be turned into something beautiful. I'm learning that by releasing this pain slowly and appropriately, it's like a fizzy soda that I am able to let out.
If things come out in methods of beauty and art, they seem to be in a manner that I can control. As I share the art and meaning, I'm able to tell small parts of my story without crumbling into fragile pieces.
By sharing this with you and others, some of those fizzy bubbles of pain are released slowly. And some beauty can rise from the ashes.
 I have to also admit that I am happy to let this quilt out of my hands. It is very painful for me to look at. Hundreds of hours of pain, fear, anxiety, anger and dread were channelled into this. It will be a big release to let the gift bring love and joy to someone who matters so much to me. Plus I think it's really pretty!


Kelly said...

it is pretty, libby! you did a great job with it, and i love that you gave it to your social worker. hugs to you from florida!!

Melissa said...

I am always inspired by you, Liberty. Mostly how you are so eager to transform pain and agony into beauty and love. I need to be more like that. :)
This is a beautiful quilt, lovely in every way.

LoveShines said...

This quilt is SO amazing & joyful... just like you! xxoo



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