Sunday, January 29, 2012

LAMQG - speed sewing for charity

We've been sewing all weekend, with a few breaks for meals and LOTS of laughing.
As one of the folks who is helping our guild have a vision for giving back with our time and talent, I thought it would be fun if we all gave 1/2 hour and speed made blocks for a charity quilt. So last night, a few us us prepared by finding a cute color scheme from our scraps pile and we all speed pieced improv blocks.
By 1/2 hour, we had 20 blocks and by 1.5 hours (four of us kept on the clock after the initial push), we had a finished top and 2 blocks for the back.

It's been suggested that we do this more often, what a fun way to work together and give back.

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Melissa said...

That quilt looks SO cool!!! Wow. I love how spontaneous it was, too, just a few of you grabbing from your scraps pile. :)
We're planning something similar at our retreat, so I'm glad to see how successful it can be.



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