Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping the faith

I said I wasn't going to post about foster care for a while, but suffice it to say foster care can be confusing, frustrating and as one blogger put it "emotionally traumatic".
Things are quiet so far this week, but there is always, always the unshakable thought that as mothers we were not designed to love someone and then have to let them go, especially to a situation that is often less than desirable.
I keep this piece of paper up in my sun visor in the car so that I look at it a few times a week. It's helpful to remember who is really MOST aware of everything, even more than overworked social workers and overwhelmed lawyers and judges.


Kimmie said...

Having had God call us into the mission field of DCF (foster care) to adopt. AND after adding 4 children to our family by God's hand through this system (is a system something that has to work?)...I can say YES God is MUCH MUCH bigger!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

blissteredseoul said...
Hey Liberty,
I really enjoy this podcast and thought you might as well. It's been a while now but they spoke of this very same thing. I need to be reminded that to love now is more important than possible future pain. Thank you for that!
And, LOVE the quilt blocks!

Tori Higa said...

yes - keep keeping the faith....lots of us are praying...



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