Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free scraps- 2 left!

I got sick of using the same scraps to make every scrappy project I make, especially with so many other fun fabrics waiting around to be used...
So a few minutes ago, I tweeted that the first 3 people to get back to me get an envelope of my (most random!) scraps... They're already claimed, but I made up a few more. Email me if you want one of the last 2 I made.


Em said...

You're so nice to share your scraps! Once my scrap pile is impressive, I will do the same!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liberty! Do you have any scraps left? You know how I love the random fabrics!! And guess what? I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I'm so excited to see what I can make with it. Oh, and I hope you had an awesome Christmas and you are enjoying your favorite month :)
Rachel (Davisson)

Nadilah Sungkar Magee said...

I'll take one if you have any scraps, I just start to make quilt..
my email :



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