Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Morning drawing time

I have a 5yo boy who needs a lot of one on one attention. Especially after losing 3 little brothers in 2 years... This last one loss has really wounded him. Around here, we have stepped up efforts at loving each other well and here's one thing I realized is gonna pour into my boy and also feed my soul.
The last three mornings, a little boy comes to me at 5:59 am and says, "mommy, is the coffee maker ready for me to turn on and can you come draw?" (today it took a while longer for me to get up...) and together we have spent at least an hour in quiet talk as we draw. (Mimi gets a similar crafting time at night...) you can see, today we had to make tugboats, per order of the CEO. But I'm also finding ways for it to be reflective, adding in song lyrics or creative writing to the drawings, as I am prone to do. (if this type of meditative drawing is of interest to you, I'd recommend looking into the Zendoodle books, they're really fun, I got some for the kids recently)

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