Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hand quilting WIP "habitat quilt"

I almost gave up on this quilt. Given all the stress I have been under, I couldn't see a way to save this Habitat Challenge quilt that I am working on for the LAMQG challenge. But some Pearl cotton, encouragement from Nicole and lots of quiet moments on tired evenings have helped me to fall in love with this.
The Little Princess left last Friday. I've shed many tears and also realized 4 days into a week without her just how much I'd neglected while we had her. Basically, everything was put on the back burner and this week so far has consisted of cleaning, sending apology emails to Libby Dibby customers who've waited too long for answers to questions or fulfilling orders. (sigh) - Thank you beanbag doorstop customers, I shipped out 20 today!

After that shipment today, I begin to see the light. A few hours to myself in the morning, our construction worker isn't here this am to work on the house - might be my first hour alone in the house in 5-6 months and darned if I'm not gonna sit down at least for 10 minutes to listen to some Imogen Heap Pandora and do a little hand sewing - just to feed my own starving soul.
It's the same feeling as a glass of wine and a sunset. And I'm gonna soak it in.

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freshcityfarm said...

i'm totally impressed that you are hand quilting it...



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