Monday, October 10, 2011

House collage

I was asked by my friend, Sarah, to donate a collage for a local charity auction. She's a close friend with whom I took my collage class at Art Center last spring (and I hope to join her again in it when life settles a little?).
Anyhow - there are a few of us who are friends who are collage artists that all attend church together. It's a funny thing to know other collage artists anyway, but I love that these other women are really incredible people, too. They are also mothers and one of them is also an entertainment industry wife, so we have lots to share about.
Anyhow - Sarah and I put up for auction a special luncheon at her house where we will do a collage workshop with 8 attendees.  Ironically, one of the 8 who signed up is a far more accomplished collage artist than Sarah or I - but it's going to be so much fun to do art together.

Sarah thought that putting collages up for auction right next to the Workshop bid sheet would be fun, so I whipped this one up in the last 2 days. We went to the auction last night and I literally had to have someone come pick it up from my house while the glaze was still drying. It looked good by bid time and actually ended up in the hands and home of some more fun friends.  So now I get to see it when I visit their house!

On a side funny note, my husband ran into a college classmate of his at the auction (he never forgets a face) and when we were introduced to each other, she said, "wait? You're Liberty Worth, ... the charms and skirt girl? I've ordered from your website, years ago..." so random.
In spite of being in business for 7 years, I am still always amazed when people have heard of my stuff.... and even more when they've bought from me, not knowing me!

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