Friday, October 28, 2011

11 years together

Today J and I celebrate our 11th anniversary. Well, actually, tomorrow we celebrate it, but today marks it.
"We are have been together in sunshine and in shade" and I wouldn't trade a minute of it to be with anyone else.
We have not ever chosen the easy route and our life is filled with adventure, suspense, challenge and lots of clinging to one another. But we are firm believers in the "work hard, play hard" lifestyle. We give everything and love well. There is no way I would ever have been able to deal a minute of the past 6 years as a mom and foster mom without this man at my side. This man, who is my steady, even rock. I tell him often that we are like a tetherball pole - he's the anchor pole and I spin, securely fastened to him.

J, I love you always. You are my favorite. You always have been and always will. You are my hero. Thank you for teaching me how to love well. Your generous and patient love is the foundation for our family and I am the luckiest woman alive.
(and don't forget, you're not allowed to die first... We agreed on it)

Happy Anniversary.

(special thanks to KM photography for these amazing pics!)


Hollie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband and relationship. Happy Anniversary!

msalleycat said...

What a lovely post!...but my burning comment is really, where did you get those silver sandals?!?! And are they as comfy as they are cute?

libbydibby said...

Oh I should have hoped no one would ask. About 4 years ago I went to a Kmart in Torrance and saw these shoes for $5 (I am not kidding). They're an amazing gold/silver color and they are embarrassingly comfortable.

libbydibby said...

Ps- Its a little known fact that I have some of the best shopping luck on the planet. I find treasures in the worst places. I could probably devote an entire blog to the weird shipping coups I have scored.



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