Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Store window inspiration for a quilt

When I saw these windows at Anthropologie in Santa Monica a few months ago, I nearly squealed... Were they inspired by a quilt?
Will they inspire me to quilt? (yes)

We've now had Baby 10 months. We got him when he was 3 weeks old. And because it's so fraught with grief and pain, I haven't been able to sew for him like I did for AJ and Ace. My heart is just too broken to go there. I describe it like this, "I lose him every day."

I've made him a little playmat quilt to send along with him. But I've also wanted to make a quilt that helps me process this pain. Especially if he may be leaving us soon. And as I was picking out some fabrics, I started going through my books looking for pattern inspiration.  Then as I was rocking him to sleep, peeking through old photos on my phone, I saw these pics. What great inspiration.  Now I know at least where I want to start.

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Latifah said...

Anthropologie store windows always inspire! (BTW, next time you're over here let me know. I work right around the corner!)



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