Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lucky winner

I've never been the type to win anything in giveaways or drawings, but in the past year - and only related to fabric or sewing.... I've won something like 3 or 4 times. (which is a lot for a girl who doesn't consider herself "lucky" - Blessed- YES! But "Lucky"- not very often.)
Well I won again! And not even something I entered... Which is funny. Remember how I posted about "generation Q magazine"??? I commented on their 1st or 2nd day, just piping in about some square or something and they picked me to win a set of books. I love sewing books!
And one of them is even written by another LAMQG member, Jake Finch.
So awesome. Thanks, generation Q!

Oh and this brings my sewing book collection to about 4,654,759. My goal is to try and do at least one project (how sad is that) from each book. Many of them are staples for me with creative inspiration. (I mostly follow images, not patterns) but some get great use. I think I may do book reports on those soon.

In other news: baby is still with us. He was supposed to leave last Friday, but the process has gotten elongated. (which is good so he can at least get to know the people he's moving in with over a few weeks instead of leaving us cold turkey) So he's here in my arms as I write this and though we had a goodbye party for him last Sunday, we are not sure when that day will be.
Thanks for thinking of us. Being a foster family is definitely one of the greatest challenges our family has faced, but it is drawing us together and growing us immensely.

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