Thursday, May 12, 2011

WIP - a different kind of sampler

I was going to post a posed picture of the boys on my latest project. But that isn't real life. Real life is toys in the living room, and me trying to fit this enormous project into my tiny house. So this is a little more like it.
At the end of the first year of the "Bee Happy" quilting bee, I had 12 squares made with what I'd considered "trash fabric" - stuff I was completely sick of looking at in my stash. I'd made one for each month as a memento of the bee member and her month's project. Many times over the year, I have wondered if it was even possible to make something pretty with these seemingly ugly or lame squares (in my opinion)... But I also love challenges like that and I recently took the squares on a shopping trip to find them a sash fabric (the only fabric I bought for this entire project!)... The green seems to stabilize them a little and last night I raided my stash for anything that might work to make a quilt with these.
The funny thing is that I didn't want another lap/nap size quilt... (a little tired of those) and I figure as long as I make quilts, I may as well make ones that are big enough to cuddle under. So as I sketched layout designs - not just wanting to make another boring sashed sampler quilt, my design kept getting bigger and bigger and now we are in trouble! This quilt is going to be a BIG queen and my little machine is going to be super interesting to work with for it, but I'm game.
I actually am liking this so much that I'm thinking it may end up in use on my bed until I get my Seams Perfect mod mosaic quilt made up.
(I'm so excited about all these)
I've not seen many samplers with interesting layouts, so I think this one will be fresh... More pics to come as I finish the top and back. (I finished the top last night as at midnight tore it up a little to alter the design)

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Melissa said...

If it's pieces-parts, have you considered quilting as you go? I don't actually know what I'm talking about, but if it's going to be that behemoth, maybe a quilt-as-you-go would be the way-to-go? :)
I love it, by the way!!



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