Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last year a family of birds nested in the jasmine that blocks our bedroom window from view... So we had a phenomenally close view from the inside of their private little home. For payment of that private show, we had to give up fruit from our trees and had to deal with a bird that flew into my studio one day (remember that?)
This year a different family of birds took over the spot. I think they are robins. It's precious to hear the cheeping babies every morning and though I couldn't get a good shot of them in the nest, you can kind of see how their white downy heads stand out from the brown little home.

The other photo is just a pic of one of my favorite pendants... I was wearing it yesterday in the forest and felt like it wanted its pic taken out there with it's inspiration.
Though I have a love-hate affair with birds (Z is convinced I'm allergic to pigeons and I am too)... Little birdie nests are always an inspiration for me.

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