Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Day in Santa Monica Sunshine

I had a dr appt this am. Which meant I had a reason to be in Santa Monica without kids. I've desperately needed a mental health day, life's been inordinately stressful lately and even sewing has become exhausting. Most of my evenings have been spent curled up with books on my couch under my orange quilt as I try to use a little escapism.
But today is gorgeous. And i am wearing a new skirt made by a fellow LA skirt designer (whom I haven't met yet) - check her out at "Made with Love by Hannah".... I can't not be happy wearing this skirt! My two favorite colors and polka dots AND funny little mushrooms!
All designer skirts should make people feel this good. I often hear my skirts do the same for people and that makes me so happy.
So do sunshine and silence.
Wishing you some of the same....
Xoxo--- libby

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Well, it's 40something degrees here, so I'm not sporting anything that doesn't have "thermal" in the description, but your new skirt is REALLY cute! I can see how your spirits would be lifted wearing it.
I hope the rest of your day goes well! :o)



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