Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day is coming

Easter, Spring Break, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation Week.  They are ALL jammed together this year! And to be honest, those are not relaxing days, though they seem like they might be.

Here's what I want this year.
One of my favorite places to volunteer around here is a home for homeless pregnant women in Venice Beach called HARVEST HOME. Truth be told, since we've had the baby around, I don't get over there much - fostering adds about 12-16 hours of "other" stuff into your week besides the mama stuff, so my time is highly precious.

If I had more time, I'd be over at Harvest Home, doing what I've done in the past... hosting craft nights, teaching classes on how to wear your baby in a sling, having get togethers - I love doing that for moms and my heart goes out to the moms who are on their own in such a hard place as Los Angeles.

This year I haven't been over there. but I just got an email from HH that shows a way I can help, even across the city.  They've made their sweet logo into a pendant that is a mother/child heart pendant in sterling silver. Though we all know that I'm not short on pendants, I love jewelry and I love Harvest Home and for a donation, we all can have this precious heart as a memory of their sweet moms and babies and our own journeys as moms as well.
Here's where you too can get one. (click the link)

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