Monday, February 21, 2011

Prayer changes things

I was driving a friend to an errand the other day in downtown LA and saw this old sign on the side of a building. I can't believe the pic came out, considering I snapped it only once at a stoplight...
If you have read the past few entries, you'll know my last few weeks (about 6) have been pretty brutal... And just this week I'd asked God for some kind of hope - I'd been relating too closely with "hope deferred makes the heart sick"... And though nothing has officially changed for us, there's been some real indication that things are moving. One very close friend, who has been facing major giants with me at her side - had some crazy amazing clarity come to her this week and is making plans to step out in faith and new levels of courage... So exciting... And I feel like my spirit has been growing as a mom and foster mom - as I pray for all my kids and I see things about them that encourage me, even as we plod ahead one step at a time.
Today we went sledding as a family and Mimi ran into a tree and got a concussion. It was scary. I ended up in the freezing car in the snow, helping her get sick while holding the baby with my other arm and then slipping on the ice, myself. My sister in law - who managed to see me at the side of the road while she and her family coincidentally drove up - prayed for us and 3 hours and an EMT checkup later, Mimi has a bruise on her face, but is playing on the swingset happily with her brother.
I know prayer changes things. And for those of you who pray for our foster situation- please please keep it up. We need it.


Anonymous said...

Libby, you are SO in my thoughts and prayers. XO anita

Melissa said...

I do, and I will. When you're in the midst of a battle is when you are closest to God's will for your life.

The Quilt Engineer (Latifah Saafir) said...

Oh L! Sending lots of love your way! Your post was very inspirational and I'm always amazed at how you handle all that life presents you with - you always have the greatest demeanor and a smile on your face. My week has been a challenge as well and you are reminding me to keep my head up. Sending lots of love!



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