Friday, February 4, 2011

making a quilt

In the fall of last year, I had some of you fill out a survey to ask you what you liked/loved/hated about my blog - the answers were so very encouraging to me and I have really let go of some of my unrealistic expectations for myself because of them... (i.e. BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY! BETTER CONTENT!)

I did end up though, really wanting to offer some fun tutorials and was just wrapping my head around that and then a little package showed up on my doorstep (a starving 3 week old foster baby!) that really threw most of my goals out the window for a long time. Then I had Christmas and the art show and I've been playing catchup ever since.

That doesn't mean I don't want to still do those things - my current schedule, though, gives me so little actual free time at the computer - if you're reading a blog post, it's usually from the park or the car as I am waiting in the carpool line at the end of school. It's just the season of life.  I do keep up my sewing, but that's because I think I would go crazy without it. I make art and sew to keep my sanity... everything else is gravy...

So this morning I had a rare 20 minutes to poke around some of the blogs that I like to visit every once in a while, and I realized that the best tutorial that I could ever do wouldn't come close to the wealth of information on this blog. I wanted to make a tute that was entitled - "your first quilt" and show you the simplest most easy way to try something - because I needed people to hold my hand through my first attempts... but instead, I am going to point you to this page with the most lovely and thorough tutorials... I think you will really enjoy them if you have a beginning interest in sewing a quilt at all.

Diary of a Quilter

Also - this gal also has the most fabulous blog post about how she gets everything done - which makes me think that she might be the bizarro world version of me - minus the people who work for her that do her quilting.

So - that's one post that I am now not going to do and I am considering myself off the hook as you tour the Diary of a Quilter... I think you'll enjoy.

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amy smart said...

I wanted to reply to your really nice comment on my keeping it real post - and then I found your really nice post on your blog. Thank you so much for the nice things you said. That meant so much to me. It's so nice to find people who 'get' the way I am. Most of my neighborhood friends do NOT sew - in fact they are scared of fabric stores. :) And I'm always a little insecure that they probably think I'm such a weirdo for being obsessed with my sewing machine. I have loved the online community for finding other sewing-fanatics (ha ha) who gain the same pleasure from creating with fabric as I do. Thanks again, Libby!



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