Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grapevine wreaths

As an artist, there is a fine line to walk between collecting and hoarding. Too many ideas for castoff junk and you end up on that tv show everyone is talking about... (minus the dead animals)... And yet, you know how much I love to repurpose things.
It's tricky, though, when I'm dealing with the design director. She errs on the hoarding side... I mean REALLY.
I fear this craft was super fun for her, but didn't reinforce the ability we have to toss some things out...
We were in the backyard on Sunday and I decided it was time to prune the grapevine - which grew vines like crazy, but no grapes this year... We were hauling the dead vines to the green can when I remembered how we'd requested grapevine as part of our wedding flowers 10 years ago. "wait! I have an idea..."
15 minutes later we had 3 lovely wreaths.
Fun, easy.
I don't love the idea of adding flowers or something froufy to them... And am not yet sure their next step, but for now, they are pretty lovely. And truly homegrown.
Now I have to find another way to teach the lesson to Mimi.

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