Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple sewing

These are so fast and easy! I have a baby shower for an awesome family this weekend.... Another foster family who has experienced love and loss of a child and they recently got a call for a beautiful baby girl abandoned at a hospital that they get to adopt... What joy!!!
This sweet baby girl needed a quilt from Auntie Lala (me...) but I've got a busy week... So I dug around and found these beautiful bird panels that I'd never used and whipped up some tiny quilt tops as we watched a movie last night.
I then quilted them to some fleece for padding and then sewed that (right sides together) to some vintage chenille that my pal Tifanie gave me... Flipped it right side out, top stitched - and wow are these sweet! (and SO fast, no pinning, no binding)...

1 comment:

Jennifer Chon said...

They came out beautiful! I'm making some panel (cheater) quilts. Hee! Hee! :)



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