Thursday, January 20, 2011

Detail images of urban neighborhood blocks

Too much fun!
I loved making these. Loved it!

Think I am going to bring them to my new art class tonight... It's a collage class through Art Center (yippee!) - I'd met the professor at an exhibit recently and we'd gotten to talking about quilting and how it's a little respected art form with lots of rigidity - until recently. I think these will illustrate my point. :)

When I look at these up close, my thought is - "I want to live in that world"... Then I realize... I do. This is what my world looks like from my point of view...


Tori Higa said...

love love LOVE all of these! and i am just a teensy bit envious that you get to go to art calss at the art center tonight! wish i could go with you!

Maria said...

I love all the little details!



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