Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quilts in a to-do stack (and a crisis)

Here are the 4 quilts I have been working on this week (besides the spiderweb one and Mimi's quilt)... Two of them (the red/white and green/white ones) are only awaiting bindings.
The red and cream ones are tormenting me right now. I love their French fabrics and I enjoyed making up my own patterns for them, but the stippling in the red thread irks me and I'm in the process of ripping it ALL out to try again and start over with a different style. (1 hour to sew, 3+ to remove)...
I'm thinking this one may want diagonal stripes for quilting? Or maybe some rectangles that echo the shapes? I dunno. Got suggestions?

1 comment:

Susan said...

I think the stippling looks great but understand how it would bug you. I kind of think that diagonals in the charm squares and rectangles in the larger shapes would be pretty cool together. Possibly even some straight lines going down the red but I guess that depends upon what your backing fabric is. Good luck!



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