Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve joys

Merry Christmas!
Our 31-person extravaganza has begun and will continue over the next 4 days.
After j and I finished putting all the bows on our boxes last night, I looked at the 3 mountains of presents, and I realized why I'd been feeling stressed over the past few weeks... Knowing just how many of those boxes were filled with handmade gifts... Wow. And the stress lifted. (it also helped that at the last possible moment I found a gift for the kids that I'd lost for over 2 months!)

Today we are at my parents home for the Christmas Eve extravaganza... This year, Mimi insisted on a nativity play that we all must star in, complete with costumes, skripps, and stage dreshins. Daddy is Jhosif and I am Marry, according to our skripps. Z is the innkeeper.

Z has been very very sick all week and yesterday he made a miraculous comeback in time for our plans to continue. Quite a scary week, but this morning he was back to his wild abstract humor that had us in stitches...

- he started the morning by praying over our food, exclaiming "happy birthday Jesus!"

- we were discussing what kind of fish might be good for a family pet... A goldfish? a Betta fish? Z pipes in: "I WANT A MINI LOBSTER!"

- then he found an old Bible he'd never seen before... "mom, there's a Bible here and it doesn't belong to anyone here! (who then?) well, it says it belongs to BONDED LEATH-HER!"

And with that I wish you our very merry Christmas... Much love to you all!

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Mod Podge Amy said...

Merry Merry Christmas Libby!! love to you and your family!



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