Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Round 2

We came home from our amazing Thanksgiving with our family with exactly 1 and a half containers of leftovers, which J and I promptly gobbled up on Friday. Then we were sad, wanting more leftovers. So I was feeling brave, we got a turkey and I spent Sunday (in between fighting my computer as I ordered prints of the final 4 Christmas collages)... And while J took the 2 big kids to see "Tangled", I worked up my very own Thanksgiving dinner - all by myself... The turkey virgin is no longer!!!!
J was beyond impressed. (that was the goal...) and he took this pic to celebrate.

I'll post images of my new collages. The show is Dec 17 and I've spent the past few weeks working my fingers off and exhausting myself trying to finish 10 collages for the show. They are done now, but in the process, Black Friday and Cyber Monday passed me by!
Oy vey.
Will post more about last minute holiday special in a sec.

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Mod Podge Amy said...

I never got to say Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! I hope to see you in January at CHA. It's in LA this year!! Much love to you and the fam.



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