Saturday, November 13, 2010


Remember these pumpkins that i made last year? This year, they are gracing the fireplace mantle, along with an adorable felt Mayflower ship that I got at Pottery Barn Kids. (just my luck, I walked in right as they marked it from $49 to $12... it's now back up to $49... Have I ever told you about my shopping luck????)
Anyhow, the pumpkins were pretty simple to make... And they're such a happy use of some favorite fabrics around here. And it's fun to use them to decorate for my favorite holiday...


~Sessa said...

Very cute! I just made one of those toilet paper covered with newspaper and fabric pumpkins at a girl's craft party last week! Thought of you andhow I still have yet to sew the end of the pillow I made at your house.

libbydibby said...

Oh Sess! I miss you!
You and that pillow will forever go down in my books as my failure to communicate and teach well! Haha.

Rachel said...

I love the pumpkins - what did you use for a stem?

libbydibby said...

Thanks! I used more fabric, just making a small tube and flipping it only halfway right side out... Does that make sense?



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