Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A true bee quilt from the Bee Happy gals

I feel like I am so lucky to be a part of such a great group of creative women in my quilting bee. This month at the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild 1st anniversary meeting, a number of us were able to present Melissa a "ticker tape" baby quilt for her new baby. We each worked on a square, mailed it to Natalie and she graciously pieced it and quilted it together. The end result is a study in love and shabby chic. Ticker tape quilts are SUPER easy and fun to do, and what a treasured gift this was to be a part of giving. My square was actually so much fun to make that I kept going and made an entire baby quilt in the same manner and fabrics for Tori's new baby... (I posted about it a month ago... Link later)
In different seasons of my life, there have been different small groups of women that have inspired me creatively and pushed me further and further. Bee Happy is that current group... And I have the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild (much larger and insanely inspiring as well!) to thank for that.
Who do you have that keeps you inspired and trying new things?

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