Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The dress that wanted to be a casserole carrier

Have you ever wondered if your dear old friend Libby is insane? Wonder no longer... Proof?
...My sister asked me about a month ago if I would make a casserole carrier for her to give a foodie friend on her birthday. (of course!) But in the craziness of school starting and G arriving, well... I forgot and the birthday came and went. Oops. Victory asked if I would make it soon, so I knew I had to do it asap. I asked her to remind me of the birthday girl's favorite colors: Burgundy, wine, plum, orange and lime green. Wow. Orange and green I have, but plum and wine are not big members of my stash.
Last night I was panicking a little, knowing I had to do this soon. I stumbled onto an all but finished dress for myself that's been awaiting a ruffle hem for about a month... Um yeah, perfect color scheme... Hmmm... Would I? You bet. So long dress, hello adorable casserole carrier.
I believe I may qualify as nuts. At least that's what my sister told me when I sent her this pic.

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