Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Becker gets a gift from the Design Director

Mimi has been really into mobiles lately and keeps drawing up big plans for different ones. She's had designs for making a mobile for cousin Becker who will be making his debut this week... It all seemed too grand a scheme for her until I thought about her sequined heart she made last week. "Let's give it a go"
After requiring that she sketch out her concept, I got her started by cutting out the rockets and star from felt. She cut out the planet and the baby in the cradle. I'm not sure why there is a baby in outer space, but it was an idea that she even had in her beginning sketch (as you can see).
She decided gluing the sequins was easier than sewing them on. (smart) Then we made a pillow moon from scraps of a blanket I use for quilt batting, and we attached the shapes with fishing line. She did all the sewing herself, the big pillow moon was an interesting challenge for her as she learned about sewing in a circle.
We ended up having to weight the shapes with pony beads to help them hang better. Overall quite cute.
Project time: 1 hour

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