Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Victory's Quilt

Another quilt I finished last week. This one was for my sister and is the first big (non-baby) sized quilt I've been willing to part with yet. The benefit of being my sister is that she gets the first of everything.
I bought the fabric in January at that craft and hobby show I attended because it screamed "your sister!" to me. And it is really her colors... 

In fact, as I was making it, I learned that I didn't have enough fabric in the two "layer cakes" I'd bought to make the quilt, and though I supplemented with some of my own favorites that I keep on hand here, there still wasn't enough. Until my sister, pregnant with her first boy (after 3 girls) asked me to make a new baby sling for her with some fabric she bought. There just happened to be exactly enough scraps from her sling to fit into this perfectly coordinating quilt and to complete it. So fun!
Oh, and another fun thing to note is that there wasn't enough of anything to use for the binding. So the stash got a little raid and an old patterned satin got used (bias tape makers rock). That turned out really great and I think there will be more satin bindings in my future.

She got this quilt at her baby shower on Sunday - which happened to also be her birthday...

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lola d said...

Love it. That's gotta be Moda. I noticed I tend to gravitate toward Moda, sometimes Amy Butler. Mostly Moda though. :) And your sister gets applause and congratulations from me- 4! Wow!



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